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Issaquah Probate Attorney

If someone you love has recently died, you may not know what to do first. Did your loved one have a will or a trust? How will you pay for his or her bills or funeral expenses? What is probate?


At R. M. Holt, Inc. P.S. we understand that most people do not understand the probate process unless they have personally been through it before. Our attorneys can explain this process and guide you through probate.


The Reason for Probate


Probate is the process of closing the estate of a deceased person, called the decedent. The decedent's will is presented to the court to have the personal representative named, or, if there is no will, to have a personal representative appointed to manage the estate. The personal representative makes sure that assets are gathered and evaluated, the creditors are paid, and the remaining assets and property are distributed to the beneficiaries.


In short, the probate process is necessary for the assets to be legally transferred from the decedent to the beneficiaries. Our involvement may involve just filing the appropriate paperwork, or probate may require an attorney's more intensive, hands-on involvement to deal with problems and issues.


On the death of one spouse and if the couple has executed a Community Property Agreement, we can assist you in recording the Community Property Agreement along with the Death Certificate. 

Community property is a principle of law applicable in Washington. In Washington, a spouse owns fifty percent of all property acquired during the marriage.

Washington law allows a husband and wife to sign a Community Property Agreement.  This is a notarized document that transfers an individual's community property share at his or her death to his or her spouse. 

To avoid probate after the first spouse dies the Community Properrty Agreement states that all property, including any property acquired by either person after the document is signed, is community property.


Providing the Assistance You Need During a Tough Time


Our goal at R. M. Holt, Inc. P.S. is to make the probate process as easy as possible. If a problem occurs - such as trouble with changing title on assets or an estate that cannot cover its debts - we can handle it. We want to help you close your loved one's estate as easily as possible so that you do not have to worry about it and so you and other beneficiaries can get your inheritance quickly.


We handle estates that include a will, trusts or other estate planning documents, as well as estates that have no will. Our lawyers have helped many families through the probate process, and we have the experience to help with your loved one's estate as well.


Contact R. M. Holt, Inc. P.S.

If you need help closing your loved one's estate through the probate process, regardless of whether the decedent had a will or not, contact R. M. Holt, Inc. P.S.. We can be reached by phone at 425-392-5335 or through the email form on our Contact Us page.

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