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Medical Malpractice (Negligence)


For more than five decades, attorneys associated with R. M. Holt, Inc. P.S. have served people injured by their doctors. We work closely with our clients and their doctors to evaluate cases individually and instill confidence in our clients.


Helping Build a Strong Medical Negligence Case

Attorneys Richard M. Holt and John Murphy know the intricacies of medical negligence cases. Medical negligence occurs when a doctor, hospital, nurse or other health care provider fails to meet normal standards of care.

We will examine your case closely. Our lawyers work hard to secure an expert opinion from a doctor who can testify that your doctor violated the standard of care and is liable for your injuries. We identify how your doctor's failure to meet the standard caused injury or harm. Our firm handles cases of medical negligence, incompetence or carelessness that result in:

  • Birth injuries
  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Medication errors
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Incorrect diagnoses
  • Nursing errors

Our firm also helps people injured or made sick by experimental drug therapy or other experimental medical procedures. In order to meet the high standard of care, doctors must provide safe, reasonable treatment plans and care. If you were injured by an experimental drug, the prescribing doctor may be liable.


If someone you love died due to medical negligence or nurse negligence, we can help you file a wrongful death claim to help compensate for your loss. While it cannot bring your loved one back, compensation can begin the healing process and hold the doctor liable for his or her negligence.


Serving Victims of Nursing Home Negligence

Closely linked with medical negligence is nursing home neglect. Just as you expect your doctor to properly care for you in a hospital, you expect your loved one to be expertly cared for while in a nursing home. If nursing home negligence resulted in a loved one's death or injuries such as bedsores, broken hips, head injuries or other serious injuries, we can help.


Contact R. M. Holt, Inc. P.S. in Issaquah

Our firm can work on a contingency fee basis in personal injury cases. To file a medical negligence claim against your doctor or hospital for your serious injuries, contact R. M. Holt, Inc. P.S.. We can be reached by phone at 425-392-5335 or through the email form on our Contact Us page.

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