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Family Law

Family Law


This includes divorces, parenting plans, post-decree problems, child support modifications, property settlement enforcement actions, custody problems, and problems concerning a meretricious relationship.

King, Pierce and Snohomish County require mediation before your family law case can go to trial. A mediator will work for both sides to resolve divorce and family law problems.


Child Custody


The R.C.W. 26.09.187 lists the factors that courts use in determining child custody. The most important factor is the relative strength, nature, and stability of the child's relationship with each parent.


Prenuptial Agreements


A prenuptial agreement is agreement or contract that two parties enter into before or after (postnupitial agreement) marriage. It lays out how assets get divided, if the parties divorce and details which assets will remain separate property. A prenuptial agreement cannot control the parenting plan; child support.

A prenuptial agreement needs to be reviewed by an attorney. There is no substitute for talking to an experienced attorney.



Our family law attorneys have a wide range of experience with family law issues ranging from divorces, domestic violence, child support and visitation schedules.



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